What is Semi-Permanent Makeup?

Semi Permanent Makeup is the most common phrase used but terms such as Micro-pigmentation and Permanent Cosmetics are also used to describe the same procedure. A cosmetic/medical tattooing machine is used to gently implant pigment into the skin using a variety of fine HD or Nano needles. It’s different from a regular tattoo machine in that the frequency is much lower meaning the pigment is implanted closer to the surface.

There are a variety of looks you can opt for when choosing your permanent makeup treatments.

Powder Effect

  • Powder brows is semi-permanent shading technique, performed by using a permanent makeup machine with needles.
  • Needles are forming a combination of dots and shading to achieve soft natural powder makeup look
  • powder brows create ombre makeup look instead of individual hair strokes.

Perfect for:

  • Anyone who wants a makeup look for their eyebrows, to save time in the morning or just shape their eyebrows

Requires the use of a machine to implant pigment into the top dermis (provides more control)
Pigment can be visible in the skin for several years

SPMU Treatment
Description Duration Price (AED)
Hair Stroke 1.5 Hour 1,999
Description Duration Price (AED)
Natural Hair Line Storkes
(Nano Microblading)
2.5 Hours 2,999
Magic Shadows Brows
(Powder Brows)
2 Hours 1,999
Combination brows
(Hairstroke and Shadows)
2.5 Hours 2,999
Perfecting Session
(Touch Up) Within 1 to 2 Month
1 Hour 699
Late Touch Up 1.5 Hours 999
Correction Session 1 Hour 799
Late Correction Session
More than 6 Month
1.5 Hours 1,999
Semi Permanent Eyeliner
Lash Enhancement
1 – 1.5 Hours 1,599
Retouching Session
(Within 1 Month to 2 Months)
1 Hour 699
Classic Eyeline
(With Tail)
1.5 Hours 1,999
Lip Blush 2 Hours 2,399
Lip Liner 1.5 Hours 1,499
Lip Contouring 2 Hours 1,999
Beauty Spot 15 Mins. 399
Beauty Spot Correction 10 Mins. 499
Lip Candy 2.5 Hours 2,999
Perfecting Session
(1 Month to 2 Months)
1.5 Hours 699
Late touch up 1.5 Hours 999
Touch Up over 6 months
1 Hour 1,199

Frequently Asked Questions

You do. There is a number of colours, and we usually recommend a mixed bespoke colour to compliment your natural skin tone for all our semi permanent makeup treatments. We always draw on the shape for your approval before applying the semi permanent pigment colour.

Yes. We follow the strictest standards of hygiene, health and safety.

Some clients feel minor discomfort. Most women compare our eyebrow treatment to plucking eyebrows and feel a little uncomfortable. Many clients think the years of looking great with perfect makeup and carefree results outweigh any momentary discomfort.

Treatment appointments are 30 to 60 minutes, consultations are 15 minutes, and Skin Patch Tests are around 30 minutes. A typical 60-minute treatment appointment consists of a 10 to 15-minute consultation, 30 to 45-minute procedure with 5-minute aftercare instruction.

Semi permanent makeup lasts about 24 months, but it’s difficult to generalise because the fading process is dependent on so many variables – for instance, if you who love to tan, it’s likely that your enhancement will fade faster.

We recommend that you return to refresh your enhancement every 12-15 months and the charge for this is approximately half the original price.

There’s no real downtime and most of our treatments certainly don’t stop you doing your normal day-to-day activities. 

You’ll have minimal redness and swelling for the first 24 hours and for 4-10 days the colour will be 40% darker than the look you want to achieve – a bit like wearing heavy makeup.

*All prices are inclusive of 5% VAT